About Pars Star Alborz

Pars Star Alborz Company the manufacturer of all kinds of screws according to the international standards, applying world-class technical knowledge, modern management system and advance manufacturing equipment has had a constant presence in the industry and always meets the needs of dear customers.

Pars Star Features


With the efficiency of advanced European (mainly German) machinery and equipment the company has been able to produce with high precision and quality in conformity with international standards.

Variety of product

Over 1000 items

Production capacity

Over 6000 tons per year

International standards


Variety of screws

M4 to M30 in various grades


Hexagon Head Screw, Fully Threaded


Hexagon Head Screw, PartiallyThreaded


High Strenght Hexagon Head Bolt


High Strenght Hexagon Nut


Round Washers, Hardened Steel


Hexagon Nut, With metric and pitch thread


Special Nuts


Pars Star Alborz

Manager Speech 

With the trust of God and relying on six decades beneficial and practical experience, Pars Star AlborzCompany, by creating the necessary platform for the development of employment and employing the specialized and high educated workforce of universities and producing high quality products in accordance with international standards for domestic consumption and in line with the country’s major import and export policies, our endeavor is to introduce Iranian quality products, export and entering the global market.
Dear customers, your satisfaction, demonstrates how successful we are in achieving these goals.

Amirhossein Amery Fard


Quality Control

Quality policy
The company guarantees the quality of products that is complying with national standard rules and guidelines of Iran and observing international standards.

Quality Control
Due to the standard badge achievement for all bolt grades, the production monitoring system (ISO 17025 Standard Partner) equipped with advanced laboratory equipment, ensures that the quality of final products is conforms with the standard requirements.